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       Commercial Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Solar systems are helpful for the smooth run of operations in different units of the commercial sector. As the uninterrupted power supply is ensured by them, these solar systems are integral for banks, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, and other corporate buildings. The significant reduction in energy costs and lesser grid dependency are major advantages that have increased their demand in the commercial sector. Being a smart choice, commercial solar solutions in Pakistan are the best alternative to conventional energy. With their renewable energy which has eco-friendly properties, the safety of the environment is ensured which is great for our planet. Sun Space Solar is recognized as the leading commercial solar solutions company in Pakistan having an incredible project portfolio of this sector. There are many benefits from investment in solar energy for businesses of all sizes. With rising energy costs, putting your roof space or available land to good use can be a sound economic decision. Many businesses and organizations have already realized the huge potential income stream available from solar energy.

By simply making use of the roof space or available land on your commercial premises, agricultural holdings, factories, warehouses, hospitals or schools. you can install solar panel systems and start generating solar energy.

Save Money – Solar panels generate free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site, lowering your business demand for energy from the grid and potentially saving thousands of pounds on your energy bills.

Generate Income – Ideally, you would use all the solar generated power onsite, any surplus power, however, can be sold back to the grid.

Energy Cost Stability – With energy prices predicted to rise significantly, commercial solar panels allow you to effectively pre-buy your electricity at a set cost, making financial planning and allocation much easier.

Sound Investment – Solar panels are a reliable and safe investment that provide returns above those of other low-risk financial products.

Energy Backup – With the national grid now struggling to generate sufficient electricity to meet the UK’s growing energy demands, and the recent introduction by the government of mandatory energy audits for large businesses through the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), plus possible future regulation of energy usage, an independent solar installation is an excellent backup power measure.

Environmentally Sound – Generating energy through your own solar installation will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, increase your company’s sustainability profile and enhance your business reputation.


Commercial On-Grid Solar System

A commercial on-grid solar system simultaneously connects with both solar panels and the grid. The on-grid system primarily utilizes the energy generated by the solar panels, but in cases where the panels are not producing sufficient electricity, it switches to grid electricity. Since most businesses in the UK operate during daytime, particularly between 9 am to 5 pm when sunlight is abundant, an on-grid solar system is the best option for such businesses. An on-grid solar system can reduce more than 50% of businesses’ energy bills and provide uninterrupted electricity to optimize the growth and efficiency of the business.


Commercial Hybrid Solar Panels System

A commercial hybrid solar system is a system that includes battery storage to store the excess electricity generated by the solar panels, which can be used during the night. If you are running a business that requires electricity usage after sunset, such as a restaurant that operates late at night, a hybrid solar system is the best choice. This system has the capability of seamlessly switching between the solar panels, grid electricity, and the electricity stored in the batteries. Additionally, the hybrid system further reduces energy costs by leveraging stored electricity during peak hours.

Commercial Off-Grid Solar System

Are you running a business in a remote area where access to the grid is either unavailable or very difficult? Don’t worry, an off-grid solar system is the best choice for your needs. In an off-grid solar system, businesses rely entirely on solar panel batteries and generators (for backup purposes). By switching to an off-grid solar system, businesses can eliminate the burden of surging monthly energy bills. While off-grid solar systems are relatively more expensive than the other two types, they offer energy independence and the ability to run your business 24/7 without interruptions or the fear of high electricity bills.

Benefits of Commercial Solar panel System

Financial savings 

 Installing commercial solar panels for your business can help you reduce your energy bills. At current rates, commercial solar PV systems provide electricity at a rate as low as max 0rs per unit, compared to the grid cost of 40-50rs per unit. You can use these savings to invest in growing your business, allowing you to expand your operations and improve your bottom line

Lowest energy costs

 Commercial solar panels provide the predictability of energy costs. By installing a commercial solar system, businesses generate their electricity at a fixed cost, meaning they will not be subject to fluctuating energy prices.  This will help businesses with more certainty when it comes to budgeting and financial planning.

energy independence

 The increase in electricity prices every passing year is becoming a daunting challenge for business owners. By installing a commercial solar system for your business, you can reduce reliance on conventional power systems and increase energy independence having an energy independent home means producing and storing your own electricity to minimize your reliance on grid electricity from a utility.

Low Utility Bill
Low Maintenance
Jobs Creation
Property Value